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About the Tutorial for the TCPS
Introducing the TCPS
Section 1: Ethics Review
Section 2: Free and Informed Consent
Section 3: Privacy and Confidentiality
Section Overview
Ethics Context
Protection of Privacy and Confidentiality in Research
Accessing Private Information
Privacy and Confidentiality and the Law
Case Studies
Progress Check
Section 4: Conflict of Interest
Section 5: Inclusion in Research
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Tutorial: Ethical Conduct of Research involving Humans: Section 3: Privacy and Confidentiality

Progress Check

1. Which of the following are confidentiality safeguards?
(Select all that apply)

Using a specified code number on all data about a subject.

Using locked rooms and filing cabinets for storage of data.

Assigning each research subject a code number.

2. Publishing aggregate data is done to ensure:

Efficient use of computer time.

No conflicts arise in authorship.

Anonymity of data relating to a specific subject.

Fewer research subjects are required.

3. When reviewing survey research, which of the following is a consideration for Research Ethics Boards? (Select all that apply)

The type of data to be collected.

The purpose for which the data will be used.

Appropriate safeguards for security and confidentiality.

REBs do not have jurisdiction over any survey research.

4. The TCPS defines secondary use of data as "the use in research of data contained in records collected for a purpose other than the research itself". What should the Research Ethics Board take into account when dealing with this type of data?
(Select all that apply)

Whether identifiable personal information is involved.

The degree to which the identifying information is essential to the research.

The measures in place to protect privacy of the individuals and the confidentiality of the data, and to minimize harms to subjects.

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