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About the Tutorial for the TCPS
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Section 1: Ethics Review
Section 2: Free and Informed Consent
Section 3: Privacy and Confidentiality
Section 4: Conflict of Interest
Section Overview
Ethics Context
Conflicts of Interests Involving Researchers
Conflicts of Interests Involving REB Members
Institutional Conflicts of Interest
Case Studies
Progress Check
Section 5: Inclusion in Research
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Tutorial: Ethical Conduct of Research involving Humans: Section 4: Conflict of Interest

Institutional Conflicts of Interest

Institutional conflicts of interest may arise because of an institution's desire to improve its financial position, raise its research profile, maintain and/or improve its reputation, or participate in technology transfer activities. By providing resources to allow for the financial and administrative independence of its REB, the institution should enable its REB to avoid and manage issues related to conflict of interest in a way that maintains public trust. The institution also respects REB decisions and cannot overturn a negative REB decision. Without independence from the parent organization, REBs may be seen as protecting the interests of the institution rather than operating in the best interests of the research subject.

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>> Institutional Conflicts of Interest
>> Article 1.2 Authority of the REB

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